Finding a Pet Sitter for your Guinea Pig

When you have to travel over night or longer and you can’t take your guinea pig with you, plan on having a pet sitter care for your cavy in your home or in their home. Need helping finding a responsible pet sitter? Start by calling your vet and asking for recommendations. When calling potential sitters, ask them questions like ‘Do you have pets?’, ‘Have you watched other people’s pets in their home or your home?’ and always ask for references. Good reference sources would be from those the individual pet sat for, current employer, and friend outside of the family. Always call references as well. When you decide to meet your pet sitter, do so outside of the home so you can get to know the individual first. Invite them for a home visit or guinea pig visit on another interview. If you need further help,  consult with your veterinarian Cedar Park, TX.


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