Tips To Keep Your Cat Happy and Contented

Cats that don’t seem to find anything to do tend to find ways to get into trouble. And the best way to do this is to provide opportunities where your furball can derive lots of physical and mental stimulation. Bored cats try to find ways to vent out excess energy. Unfortunately, they end up performing bad behaviors that can be a problem for their owners to deal with. Here are simple ways to keep your furball happy even when you are out of the house most of the day:

  • Have a space near the window where your cat can bask under the warmth of the sun while observing everything that is going on outdoors. 
  • Hang a bird feeder right outside your cat’s basking spot. The birds flying in, eating, and flying out will certainly give your pet lots of visual entertainment. This is also true with bird baths.
  • Some cats are TV-watchers. They are glued to the television when it’s turned on. Thus, some cat parents turn on the TV before leaving the house to keep their pet company while they are out. 

An indoor cat can still suffer from potential health problems thus regular checkups with your Ellicott City, MD vet  is recommended. Visit this website Claws N Paws Animal Hospital for additional details.


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