Providing Enough Water for your Gerbil

Gerbils may be small creatures, but they still need to drink plenty of water throughout the night and day in order to stay healthy and hydrated. Since gerbils tend to sleep more in the day, you may not actually see your gerbil drink. He will most likely eat and drink more at night when he’s up and playing. Generally, a gerbil should drink around 4 ml of water a day. You can monitor your gerbil’s water intake by using a water bottle to hang on the side of the cage. Make sure the water bottle is clearly marked in ml to determine how much your gerbil is drinking. Don’t forget that if you feed your gerbil fruit or veggies that he will also get his water intake there as well. If you’re concerned about your gerbil’s water intake, give your Sugar Land, TX vet a call.


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