My Dog Isn’t Drinking His Water

If your dog doesn’t appear to be drinking his water, empty the water bowl, clean it, and refill it with fresh cool water. Take note of how full the bowl is and check every now and then to see if the water level has changed. Don’t be surprised if your dog doesn’t drink while you’re not home. Your dog may not be thirsty having spending a day napping while you’re at work. Take him out for a short walk or feed him a small treat to see if that will entice him to drink. Feed him water saturated treats such as pieces of watermelon or cantaloupe (just don’t feed the seeds or rind). Offer your dog an ice cube to see if he will lick on that. You can also give him wet dog food which contains quite a bit of water. Do not hesitate to call your Anderson, IN vet if your dog isn’t drinking.


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