What Is Hand Stripping In Dogs?

Hand stripping is a form of grooming in dogs that involves removing dead hairs from their roots, instead of clipping or trimming. The removal of the dead hairs allows new hairs to grow in. Without hand stripping, a dog’s hair coat may have a dull texture and appear off-color. The technique is indicated in dogs with double-layered hair coats, especially those with a soft but dense undercoat and a top coat that is long and wiry. 

The technique for hand stripping should be learned. You can ask a professional dog groomer how it is done. It can be tricky if you don’t how to hand-strip. To keep your pooch still during grooming, let someone hold him while you strip out the dead hairs using your thumb and forefinger. Grab a hold of a few dead hair strands and gently tug them towards the direction of hair growth. Your dog’s hair is ripe for stripping when they can be pulled easily without causing any undue pain and discomfort. The procedure is often done during periods of heavy shedding, that is during spring and summer. 

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