Vitamin C And Guinea Pigs

Just like any pet, guinea pigs have specific nutritional needs that must be met to help ensure their health and well-being. When given optimum care and nutrition, cavies can live for more than five years. Vitamin C is an essential part of their daily diet because they are unable to synthesize it in their bodies. Thus, a good portion of their diet should be fresh fruits and veggies. There are also 

vitamin C supplements and treats fortified with vitamin C that you can give to your pet. Commercial guinea pig pellets also contain vitamin C. Considering that vitamin C can easily get spoiled exposed to the air and extreme environmental conditions, you should try to get the freshest pellets. Steer clear of pellets that have been emptied in a bulk bin from their packaging, because the pellets may have been in there for quite a while already.Bring your guinea pig to your vet Bowmanville, ON for a regular wellness check


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