Playful Member of the Family

If you’re looking to purchase or adopt a cat that loves to play, be the center of attention, and take an active role as a member of the family, then talk with your vet about the Cornish Rex. This medium sized feline is quite the character. The breed is small in stature and has the look of sophisticated house cat that prefers to be seen but not touched. However the Cornish Rex is just the opposite. This little guy is all muscle. His slender legs give him the ability to run fast and jump high. He loves to play and be on the move. The breed loves to retrieve, play catch, and even take objects and hide them. He doesn’t sit still long enough to be a lap cat, but he loves to be touched and held. Your Rochester, NY veterinary clinic can tell you that the Cornish Rex gets along with other pets and children of all ages. Learn more here.


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