What's the difference between a gerbil and a hamster?

There are a lot of different pocket pets out there, and you’ve been looking into bringing one of them home. This makes you wonder – what’s the difference between a gerbil and a hamster?

Gerbils and hamsters vary in physical appearance, though it can be easy to mistake one for another at first because they do have a lot of similarities. The most striking visual difference is their overall size. Gerbils tend to be much smaller than hamsters are. They have significantly longer tails than hamsters do. It gives gerbils a more mouse-like appearance while a hamster resembles a guinea pig with its boxier shape. They also differ in personality, as hamsters tend to lead more solitary lives and gerbils will take advantage of any and all opportunities to socialize. For additional information, visit this site, or please contact your local Tampa, FL vet clinic. 


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