Symptoms of Bloat in Dogs like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Bloat is a serious and all too common condition that develops in dogs like the Boxer, Rottweiler, and even the Cavalier Charles Spaniel. It is more common in dogs with deep chest cavities like the Boxer, but can occur in any breed. Bloat is caused with large amounts of gas build up in the stomach and cause the stomach to expand. There is nowhere for the gas to escape and it begins to build up pressure. The lining of the stomach may tear. The walls of the stomach also push against the organs around the stomach causing a blockage of blood flow or further damage to the organs. Your dog may show symptoms that include unsuccessful attempts to vomit, abnormal behavior, anxiety, restlessness, hunched up appearance (as if in stomach pain), tight abdomen, whining, pacing, heavy breathing, etc. Talk with your animal hospital Norwalk CA to learn more about this illness. 


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