Diagnosing Fatty Liver Disease in Cats like the American Longhair

Fatty liver disease occurs in a variety of felines like the American Longhair. It can occur rapidly or over time. Fatty liver disease often happens when the cat’s body goes into survival mode to fight against starvation whether the cat is actually starving or not. The idea that the body is starving is either because the cat is not being fed well or because of another illness affecting the cat’s health. Whatever the reason for this, the body thinks the cat needs additional energy and it can only create it by converting fat into energy. Large deposits of fat are then sent to the liver for processing. However, the amount sent is so big that the liver cannot handle it and begins to malfunction. If you suspect your cat is suffering from fatty liver disease, contact your vet. Only your vet Michigan City IN can diagnose your cat’s condition.


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