How to Get Your Cat Dry

Did your cat just get a bath? Or maybe he ran in from outside after it rained? You can bet your furry friend doesn’t really like being wet, but you aren’t likely to enjoy it either. He’ll end up getting your home wet and your carpets dirty!

No matter why your cat is wet, it is a good idea to know how to get him dry quickly. Start by using a towel. That means having one handy in the bathroom when he’s done in the tub, or one by the door when your cat heads inside.

If you really want to get your cat dry quickly, try using a blow dryer. Just make sure you have the heat set to the lowest setting, and don’t use the highest speed.

Let someone else do the drying and take your pet to the groomers instead! Your vet Jacksonville, FL can tell you where you should go.


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