Medication Therapy for Dogs with DM

Did you know that various breeds of canines are prone to a disease called DM or degenerative myelopathy? This disease is an incurable disease that affects the spinal cord and nerves in dogs. It often cause a lack of mobility in the back legs and even numbness or loss of feeling completely. The disease has no cure but there are therapies and medications available to alleviate symptoms and give some dogs a better quality of life. For example, your vet may recommend therapeutic exercises, intense muscular focused exercises, and other forms of therapy to help with muscle loss and mobility. Medications like N-Acetylcysteine (an antioxidant), Aminocaproic acid (inhibits the breakdown of fibrin needed for blood clots), Antiox-Q (vitamins and minerals to help the nervous system), and Antiox-QCB (like Antiox-Q but also contains an anti-inflammatory) may also be prescribed. Always talk with your Lafayette, LA vet extensively about medications and side effects before giving them to your dog. More details here:


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