Lifestyle Changes to Prevent or Manage Gum Disease in Cats

If your cat is prone to excessive tartar and plaque buildup, inflamed gums, irritated gums and inner cheeks, then he may need a few lifestyle changes to help maintain his teeth and keep future gum disease flare ups at bay. Gum disease is common in cats of all breeds no matter the sex or age. If your cat has fragile teeth or sensitive gums, make sure you brush them daily either with vet approved toothpaste and a toothbrush or a simple piece of gauze. Feed your cat a diet of crunchy and moist food. Crunchy foods can naturally breakdown plaque and tartar and help keep the teeth clean in between vet visits. Consider scheduling a professional cleaning for your cat at least once a year. You should also check your cat’s gums for inflammation and alert your vet if you see anything new. For more preventative ideas, give your vet services Lafayette, LA a call.


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