What to do with Your Guinea Pig in Case of an Evacuation

When harsh weather hits your area you may have to stay in your home without power or evacuate your home. In cases like these it’s important to be prepared ahead of time both for y our family and yourself as well as for your pets. Guinea pigs are common pocket pets, but they may not be common shelter guests. Call local shelters that set up during storm evacuations and find out if they allow animals into the shelter. You may want to call hotels along the evacuation route ahead of time as well. Don’t leave your cavy behind. Think ahead and find a place for him. For instance, if a friend doesn’t have to evacuate, send your guinea pig to his house. If you take your guinea pig with you, make sure you pack extra bedding, cleaning and grooming supplies, food, bottled water, water and food bowls, treats, etc. Consult with your Louisville, CO veterinarian to learn more.


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