The benefits of using a dog harness

There are a lot of dogs who are able to enjoy heading out and about with their owners while utilizing the traditional collar and leash system that is so well known to the general population. However, some pets may be better off having their leash hooked to a harness.

Young dogs tend to have sensitive necks, and some breeds don’t really grow out of this sensitivity. This means that they the pressure that may be put on this area of their body from a collar hooked to a leash, particularly for a puppy who isn’t leash trained yet, can be problematic. Hooking the leash to a harness can be a great way to make sure your pet is safe while comfortable too. A harness can also allow you a bit more control when walking your pet so you can make sure she is safe at all times. For more information, please contact your local Portage, MI vet clinic.


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