Going Green Tips For Pet Owners

With all the concerns about the amount and effect of carbon footprints have on the environment, many people have taken on the cudgels of the ‘Green Revolution’. But only a few pet owners are aware that their pets can also contribute to the amount of carbon footprints every day, the ‘size’ of which depends to a large extent on the pet owner and the choices they make when it comes to meeting their pet’s basic needs, waste elimination, etc. 

Here are more ways to “go green” with your pet:

  • Choose eco-friendly products
  • Have your pet spayed or neutered. Overpopulation has resulted in animal shelters that are bursting at the seams with unwanted pets.
  • Clean up after you pet and start composting dog poop rather than disposing it in the garbage. The compost can be used for your flower garden; but take note that dog waste compost should not be used on crops for human food.
  • Buying in bulk can help cut down trips to the pet store. This is especially true with pet food; buying pet food in bulk can also help cut down on packaging. 

Call your veterinarian Farmers Branch, TX regarding important pet issues.


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