Tips For Choosing A Sweater Or Coat For Your Pooch

When choosing a sweater or coat for your pooch, make sure it is made of fabric that can easily be washed and dried. Also, a type of fabric that won’t irritate your pet’s skin and made of natural, chemical-free material. To get an exact fit, measure the dog’s neck and chest circumference, the length from the neck to the waist, and his body length. It is also recommended to consider your pet’s height in order to get snug-fitting (but not tight) coat for your pooch. Also, make sure that the sweater’s neck and leg holes are big enough so it won’t restrict the movements of your pet. But it must be small enough to keep him from pulling his head or leg out. Also, the sweater can easily be put on and taken off, and made of natural, chemical-free material. 

Sweaters or coats with buttons, hooks, zippers or other accessories should be avoided as much as possible. These items can be potential choking hazards for your pet and can also be a source of annoyance. 

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