Training Your Dog to Retrieve

Your dog may have great fun when he retrieves objects. Determine the object your dog would retrieve such as a toy, a ball or a training dummy. Toss this item a short distance and encourage your dog to go get it. Once your dog picks up the object, cheer him on and call him to come to you with it. Squat down to your dog’s level to make the retrieve more enticing and exciting. If your dog retrieves the object, praise him and throw it again. Keep the distance short so your dog is less likely to drop the object. Your dog may occasionally play “keep away”. Consider tying a rope to the object so you can pull it to you. Practice so you can eliminate the rope. Increase the distance over time. Use treats if necessary to entice your dog to give you the object. Most importantly, have fun. Learn more from your Hyattsville, MD veterinary clinic. Or visit this website:


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