Teaching Your Old Dog New Tricks

If you adopt an adult dog, he may never have been trained. Or your dog may have forgotten his training. Fortunately, you can teach your old dog new tricks. Start from the beginning and add behaviors as he masters them. Start with teaching your dog his name and move on to sit, stay, come, and lay down. Then add any other commands you want your dog to follow. Lure your dog into the commanded behaviors using treats and praise. Be consistent with training so obedience becomes routine. Set house rules such as not jumping up on people or furniture, or not chewing on shoes. Prevent these behaviors using redirection and deterrents. If he is sitting by your side, he can’t be jumping up on people. Be extra patient with your older dog. Training may take a little longer but with kindness and consistency you can train your old dog. Learn more from your Washington DC veterinary clinic.


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