Disadvantages of Feeding Your Cat Wet Food

There’s no wrong choice when it comes to giving your cat wet food or dry food. However, your cat may specifically require one over the other. For instance, if your cat has trouble with plaque and tarter buildup on his teeth and has consistent bad breath then he may be developing gum disease like gingivitis. Feeding your cat a crunchy food can help with this. Crunchy food helps naturally break down access plaque and tartar on the teeth. Moist or wet food cannot do this. Some cats love to eat crunchy foods and will refuse a moist or wet food altogether. In this case feeding dry is the best choice. Another disadvantage to feeding wet food is that your cats teeth could become accustomed to soft foods and not grow strong enough to handle other foods. Talk with your Webster, NY veterinary clinic for help choosing which food is best for your cat.

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