Giving Insulin to your Cat

Some cats that are diagnosed with diabetes require insulin in the form of shots or oral medications in order to regulate their blood sugar. Your cat’s blood sugar levels and ability to lower those levels will determine whether insulin is needed or if a pill will work. In some cases, diet and exercise alone can reverse diabetes. Most cases, however, require a drug interaction to regulate the diabetes. Insulin injections are the most common treatments. Insulin injections should be given to your cat after she eats and at the same time daily. Insulin must be refrigerated; however, it must be given at room temperature. Remove the medication from the refrigerator and shake it gently. Use a syringe to withdraw the dosage of insulin making sure no air bubbles are present. Next, lift up a fold of skin on your cat’s side and insert the needle almost parallel to the surface. If you need help, call your Rochester, NY vet. Learn more here.


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