Can Your Pet Make You Ill?

People can get certain types of medical issues from their pets; these are referred to as zoonotic diseases. While incidents are relatively uncommon, there is still the possibility that it can happen to you or any member of the household. The capacity to transmit specific medical conditions to humans is not limited to dogs and cats. Outbreaks of salmonella in people have been traced back to pet reptiles . There have been cases of mycobacterium infections in people that have been found to be acquired from pet frogs.

The method by which a certain zoonotic disease is acquired depends on the causative agent. Some, like ringworm, can be acquired through direct contact of the infected pet and its hair coat. Handling of infected fecal material and ingestion of fecal-contaminated food and water are also important routes of infection. Rabies can be transmitted through animal bites, while Lyme disease can be transmitted by the bite of infected ticks. Inhaling dust or droppings from infected birds are important routes of acquiring psittacosis and pasteurellosis. 

Any signs of illness displayed by your pet should be brought to the attention of your Mt. Airy, MD veterinarian


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