Kittens Suffer From Stress During Weaning

Indeed, weaning can be a stressful time for kittens. The process usually takes place when kittens are about 4 weeks old and generally extends until they are 3 months of age. As you can see, the weaning process can take quite a while. During this time, the kittens gradually learns to eat kitten food and stop depending on their mother’s milk for their daily sustenance. While some kittens don’t have any major problems adjusting, others may take longer to get used to eating solid kitten food. It is the responsibility of the mother cat to wean her litter. In the case of orphaned or abandoned kittens, the pet owner will assume the task of gradually weaning them from the prescribed milk formula to solid food to ensure that they can survive on their own. Weaning should be a gradual process. Kittens that are quickly weaned from their mother are prone to developing behavior problems that can be a challenge to address. Bring your newly weaned kitten to your Westminster, MD veterinary clinic for a wellness check. 


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