What is Caval Syndrome in Cats like the Korat?

Heartworms are a serious threat to cats like the Korat. It’s important to have your cat tested annually for heartworms and to have your cat on a monthly heartworm prevention medication. If you don’t know if your cat is on this, call your vet to confirm. Cats that contract heartworms may shows signs of the disease including coughing, asthma, vomiting, decreased appetite, and weight loss. Additional symptoms such as difficulty walking, fainting, seizures, and the buildup of fluid in the abdomen may also develop. An additional symptoms of heartworms is actually another disease called Caval Syndrome. This occurs when the heartworms cause a blockage of blood flow to the heart and other lungs. Symptoms may include labored breathing, pale gums, and bloody or brown colored urine. Radical surgery is required to remove the heartworm blockage. It’s important to treat against heartworms through prevention methods. Contact your vet St. Vital, Manitoba to learn more.


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