When Should I Take My Gerbil to the Vet?

You may not realize it, but gerbils need to see a vet on a routine basis just like other pets. Although gerbils are small in size they still need to have routine vet visits. You should plan to take your gerbil to the vet after purchasing him. This is considered to be a first time vet visit. This gives your vet a chance to examine your gerbil and to check him for any irregularities, illness, injuries, etc. Your vet can also help you set up a habitat for your gerbil and tell you what kind of food to buy your gerbil. Gerbils do not need vaccines and will not need a yearly wellness exam. However, if your gerbil appears to be getting thinner or larger, schedule a wellness checkup so your vet can give your gerbil a full look over. Your Conyers, GA veterinarian can help you determine if a diet change or exercise change is needed.


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