Signs Your Car May Be Sick

Are you concerned about your cat’s health and wellbeing? If so, give your vet a call and talk about the reasons for your concern. If you notice that your cat is behaving oddly, acting tired all the time, isn’t eating normally, and is just not as sociable as usual, call your vet and schedule an appointment. Your cat could be coming down with an illness of some type. Most often the first signs of a cat being ill include lethargy or lack of energy, refusing to eat, not drinking a lot of water, and changes in behaviors. Cats that are panting may be in pain as well. An overly active cat may all the sudden become inactive. A cat that loves to eat may lose his appetite completely. A normally clean cat may suddenly start urinating outside of the litter box and creating a mess. These are usually indications that something is wrong. Call your Covington, GA vet immediately.


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