Cat Fights and Skin Wounds

When you cat has been in a fight, more often than not, expect that he will have some injuries. The territorial instincts of cats are very strong and they won’t hesitate to display aggressive behavior when they think a cat is trying to invade their territory. They may also get in fights with other cats when they are trying to expand their territory. Wounds can become infected when they are not given proper attention; and this can pave the way for abscess formation. At first glance, the wound may appear small especially if it is a bite wound or one caused by a cat’s sharp claws; however, most are quite deep. Bacteria can be trapped under the cat’s skin when the opening of the wound seals itself within a few hours. With this in mind, you should check your pet’s body thoroughly for any signs of wounds or bite marks if he has been in a cat fight. Any bite wound should be checked out by your Aurora, CO veterinarian so it can be properly cleaned, disinfected, and given antibiotics. Visit this website Aspen Commons Animal Hospital for more details.


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