When to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Have you ever noticed that your dog’s nails are making a dragging sound on the concrete, pavement, or hardwood floor? This is usually a signal that it’s time for your dog’s nails to be trimmed. The longer the nails get the more they will start to curl over creating a sound as the dog walks and also causing your dog to start walking in a way that changes their gate. If you notice your dog walking with a limp then it may be time to trim his nails. Another way to tell if it’s time to trim your dog’s nails is if you notice that the nails are dragging against the ground even if no scratching sound is made. To trim the nails, use a nail trimmer from the pet store or take your dog to the vet or local groomer for a quick trim. Give your Forest Hill, MD veterinarian a call for assistance when trimming the nails.


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