Changing Your Cat's Diet Gradually

If your cat becomes finicky about her food, you may need to change her diet. She may need a change if she is obese or if there are medical or dental issues. Change your cat’s diet gradually over about a week’s time. This reduces the likelihood of stomach issues, vomiting or diarrhea. Mix the new and old foods together, adding a little more new food over time. Consider heating up meat-based foods. Heat makes food smell stronger than out of the can. Moisten dry food with a little water to change the texture without altering the flavor. Some medical conditions require a little meat and broth added to the cat food. Grind the meat finely to mix easier with the normal food. If absolutely necessary, feed your cat by hand. Be patient and take your time. Your cat will need sufficient exercise to stimulate her appetite. Contact your Roanoke, VA vet to learn more. Set an appointment at this website.


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