Protecting Dogs from the Spread of Kennel Cough

Most dogs that are boarded are required to have a vaccination that targets against Bordetella bronchiseptica +/- canine parainfluenza which are the two leading causes of kennel cough. If you plan to board your dog or take him to groomer where he will be kenneled for a long period of time then you need to ensure that your dog has been vaccinated. A Bordetella vaccine (what it is most commonly known as) is usually given once every six months or once a year. Some veterinarians will include it with annual shots while other veterinarians may give you the option of vaccinating your dog or not. Dogs that aren’t boarded and are not taken to a groomers usually don’t need a Bordetella vaccine. However, it’s recommended to be vaccinated just in case. No vaccination is 100% effective. For more details, consult with your Teller County, CO veterinarian.


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