Choosing Your Pet's Parrot's Cage

Larger species of parrots benefit from spending time outside their cages every day. They need adequate physical and mental stimulation so they won’t get bored and develop vices and bad habits. When choosing a pet parrot’s cage, it is recommended that you invest in the largest one that your budget allows you to. Also, make sure that you have enough space in your home to accommodate the enclosure. As a rule of thumb, the minimum width of the cage should be twice the wingspan of the bird when its wings are fully extended. This can be pretty big. It should be wider than it is tall so the bird will have enough space to stretch out his wings comfortably. The height of the cage should also have enough space to accommodate the bird, especially if it has a long tail. Know more about your pet’s housing needs by visiting your Glendale, AZ animal hospital.

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