Bathing Your Guinea Pig

Your guinea pig can keep pretty clean for the most part. Your guinea pig is more likely to stay clean if you keep his enclosure clean. However, your pig may get stinky or sticky with feces or urine or someone may have spilled something on him. Your can try to spot clean the messy area with a little water on a cloth. This may help you avoid a full bath. However, if your guinea pig needs a full bath, use a shallow basin. Put a cloth in the bottom so your pig doesn’t slip. Only use lukewarm water and shampoo that is safe for small mammals. You can avoid upsetting your pig by working quickly and efficiently. Rinse thoroughly again with lukewarm water. Dry him with a towel and brush him. Wrap your pet in a dry towel to avoid stress and drafts. Return your pig to a clean enclosure. Learn more from talk your veterinary clinic Pasadena, MD.


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