Why Pet Cats Should Consume Lesser Calories Than Their Ancestors

Pet cats have a relatively easy life compared to their ancerstors who had to withstand the harsh environment, having to hunt for food and protect themselves from potential predators. As pets, cats don’t have to hunt so they can eat, their owners have the responsibility of providing them with premium pet food. Thus, it is no wonder why pet cats require lesser calories than their wild ancestors. Unfortunately, many cat parents are unaware of this fact, giving their pets more food that they really need. This practice can significantly increase their pet’s risk to becoming obese as a result of too much calorie consumption. 

Keeping an ideal weight is very important for cats; being overweight or obese can increase their risks for important health issues. Pet cats need not live a sedentary lifestyle. They should have enough opportunities to burn excess energy. 

Your pet’s diet is one of the important concerns that you should discuss with your veterinarians Glendale, AZ during your pet’s wellness check.


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