How Does Red Tide Effect Dogs?

Red tide is when harmful algal blooms occur in large quantities causing dangerous levels of toxins in the tides along the shoreline. Red tide can kill all types of marine life. It is usually OK for people to swim in red tide. However dogs should not. The toxins can get trapped in their fur and must be washed away immediately. Red tide causes respiratory irritation to people and animals. If you live along the shoreline you should bring your outdoor pets inside when the dangerous blooms are present. If you take them out along the beach, keep your dog away from sea foam and dead animals. Sea foam is 10x more toxic than the contaminated water and can cause harm to your dog. Eating dead fish can make your dog sick. Cooking or freezing dead fish does not remove toxins. If your dog has seizures, diarrhea, shakes, appears confused etc. please contact your Norwalk, CA vet clinic immediately. Or make an appointment here:


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