How to Approach a Stray Dog

If you are out walking and a dog walks up to you out of nowhere, assume it is a stray or lost. Don’t approach him. Allow him to approach you first. Make sure this dog is not wearing a service dog vest. If he is, you should follow him. Service dogs are trained to alert people and bring people back to their master if their master is having an emergency. If the dog is not wearing a service vest, approach him with a low calm voice and see if he can come close enough for you to check for tags and ID. If this doesn’t work, call the local animal control officer to report a lost or stay dog. If the dog allows you to approach and pet, see if you can get him in your car to take to a vet for safety or to have a scan for a microchip with ID. If the dog is aggressive, growling, or appears scared as if he will run away, do not approach him. Notify animal control or the local veterinary clinic Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


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