How to Adjust Your Diabetic Cat's Insulin Dosage

If your Somali cat or other breed of feline friend has been diagnosed with diabetes you will need to monitor the blood sugar amounts closely during the initial treatment phase. The numbers could change up and down until a right dosage of insulin treatment is found. It’s important that you report changes in blood sugar to your vet. Do not adjust your cat’s insulin dose on your own. ‘Insulin resistance’ is common in cats during the initial treatment phase. Occasionally a cat’s body will need a stronger dose of insulin while at other times a lower dosage is needed. Your vet can run tests to find the cause for changing levels. If your cat appears to be disoriented, confused, weak, restless, has an appetite change or even shivering then she may be suffering from hypoglycemia which can occur if you give her too much insulin. If this is the case, contact your Plano, TX veterinary clinic immediately. For more information, visit this link:


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