Shots Needed Before Taking Your Cat to the Boarder

It’s important to know that before taking your cat to the boarding facility she will most likely need certain shots or vaccinations ahead of time. For instance, cats are required to have a FVRCP vaccinations as well as a Rabies vaccination yearly. If your cat is not up to date on these shots you will need to take her to your local vet before you can board her. Most boarding facilities and veterinarians agree that cats should be vaccinated at least 7 days before entering into the boarding facility. Some boarding facilities and kennels may also require a negative fecal test. In this case, simply call up your vet and request the test. You may need to take your cat in for a visit or take a fecal sample to your Frisco, TX veterinary clinic for testing. Make sure the results are sent to the boarding facility. Read more here.


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