Letting Your Rabbit Exercise Outside

Your rabbit needs time outside his enclosure for daily exercise. Your rabbit may enjoy exercising and playing outside when the weather is warm. However, take precautions to keep him safe. Check your perimeter fence for even tiny opening that your quick rabbit could slip through. Consider putting blocks or wire fencing at the bottom of the fence. This will keep him from digging to escape. You can build a large pen in the yard to protect him. You can us a harness with a lightweight leash to make it easy to catch your rabbit. You just need to get within the leash length to catch him when it’s time to go inside. Check that the grass and plants your rabbit will nibble on are non-toxic. Make sure they haven’t been treated with dangerous chemicals. Always supervise your rabbit when he is out of his enclosure. Learn more from your Chattanooga, TN veterinary clinic.

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