Smoking Habits Of Pet Owners May Actually Be Killing Their Pets

Did you know that pets of people who smoke are at risk of second and third-hand smoke? Yes, the risk is very high especially in ‘smoking’ households.

Cigarettes and other tobacco-containing products contain concentrated amounts of chemicals that are toxic to people and pets alike. In fact, thre have been cases of cancer in dogs that have been associated with exposure to cigarette smoke. As a consequence, many pet owners often end up with tremendous feelings of guilt, grief and sadness when their dogs die. Nasal cancer has been diagnosed in some dog breeds which have been exposed to second- and third-hand smoke. There has been a higher incidence of tumores in the noses and sinuses of dog breeds with long noses such as Collies and German shepherds. These breeds have higher incidence of nasal cancer compared to other canine breeds. 

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