Older Cats Are Prone To Dental Problems

Tooth and gum problems can affect cats of all ages, but are particularly common in older cats. Pain is a common symptom which means any condition affecting a cat’s teeth, gums, and associated structures can have a negative effect on the quality of life of the animal. Affected cats often have poor appetite which can eventually lead to lose of weight. 

During dental visits, a cat is usually placed under general anesthesia. Performing a thorough exam of the mouth, teeth, and gums on a cat that is fully awake is next to impossible. Being under general anesthesia can also prevent subjecting the cat to undue stress. Some pet owners are concerned about the effects of general anesthesia on their senior pets. But modern technology, the latest anesthetic monitoring equipment, and the use of proper anesthesia protocols have made it safe even for the aging members of the pet population. As long as the animal is healthy, his age won’t really increase the risk of complications associated with anesthesia.

Talk to your veterinarian Tampa, FL if you have concerns about the use of anesthesia in pets.


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