Is your cat shedding a lot?

Your cat is a furry little creature and you have been finding lots of fur all over your home. What can you do when she is shedding a lot?

Your pet may shed more at certain times of the year than others, so it’s important to be mindful of when this is taking place. This could help you figure out if this is natural shedding that is occurring or unnecessary shedding that needs to be addressed. Brushing your cat often can help with this immensely because it offers her the opportunity to have shed fur removed in a controlled manner, prevents tangles from forming, and straightens out any knots that currently exist in her fur. It also helps to lessen the fur you are finding around your home since you will be taking it out of her coat before it falls onto your furniture and flooring. For additional information, please contact your local East Dallas, TX vet clinic.


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