Loud Noises and Pet Lizards

If you own a pet lizard you may realize that a lot of things don’t seem to bother them. However, there are times when lizards can’t get scared, upset, stressed or anxious. For instance, loud noises can scare or startle your lizard making him panic. Although lizards don’t have earflaps like dogs and cats, they do have ear openings that allow them to hear. Their hearing isn’t as great as a dog or cat but it’s enough that loud noises such as fireworks, thunder, loud music, and even yelling can startle them. Keep an eye on your lizard the next time a loud thunderstorm moves through. You may notice that he starts to move around more due to the unexpected sound. Fireworks may also cause him to pace and become frantic in his cage. Your pet clinic Scottsdale, AZ may recommend that you move your lizard temporarily to a place where it’s not as noisy. 


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