Taking Care of an Elderly Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs typically live between 4 and 8 years. If your guinea pig is over 4 then he is considered a senior. At this time, you should especially pay special attention to how your guinea pig is eating. Does it look like he’s still able to chew his pellets? Is he leaving more food behind than usual? A change in eating habits can indicate a change in teeth, a change in appetite, or even an illness. Contact your vet to discuss what you’ve noticed with your guinea pig’s diet. In addition to food, watch the amount of water your guinea pig is drinking. Make sure he drinks at least 100ml of water a day. A water bottle with measurements on it can help you monitor this. Always contact your Farmers Branch, TX veterinary clinic if your guinea pig isn’t drinking his usually amount of water. Food and water intake tends to change with age for guinea pigs. More details here:


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