Why Do Dogs Curl Up When They Sleep?

Even when there is plenty of room to stretch out their legs, dogs tend to curl up like a ball when they sleep. For many people, The position may appear uncomfortable, but it actually makes dogs feel 

comfortable and secure. It is a behavior that they have inherited from their ancestors who had to dig a whole and curl up in a ball to keep themselves warm and comfortable as they sleep. It also helps them conserve body heat, as well as protect the sensitive parts of his body from potential predators. Even with domestication, dogs instinctively sleep this way, more so when they are unsure of their surroundings. To make your dog more comfortable, give him a blanket in which he can ‘dig’ in and curl up to sleep. A dog that stretches out his legs while he sleeps shows he is either feeling very warm or very secure in his immediate surroundings. 

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