Diagnosing and Treating Feline Diabetes

Is your cat showing signs of an increased appetite, weight loss, increased water consumption, and frequent urination? If so, contact your vet to schedule an exam. Your cat may have sugar diabetes. Your vet will need to examine your cat to determine if diabetes is present or not. He will take into account the symptoms you describe as long as conduct a physical exam and lab tests including blood work and a urinary analysis. High levels of glucose in the bloodstream and urine will most likely be present if your cat has diabetes. Once a diagnosis is made, your vet will develop a treatment plan. This could include hospitalization for fluid therapy in severe cases. Treatment may be insulin injections or insulin pills on a daily basis. Only your North Dallas, TX vet can make a diagnosis and provide treatment for your cat. Cats with untreated diabetes are at risk for developing further health conditions. Read more here.


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