Why your cat rests so often

Your cat has a lot of habits that make sense to you. In fact, you’d love to relax around your home as much as she does even if it’s hard to believe that she needs so much time napping. Why does she rest so often?

While it may seem like a lot of relaxation to you, it’s actually what your pet needs to maintain her health. She simply needs more sleep than you do and wants to keep her energy levels high so she replenishes them when she needs to. Active play sessions and digesting a high-protein diet will use up a lot of energy, so it’s important that she finds a peaceful place to nap several times throughout the day. She tends to split up her resting time into naps so she is able to wake up periodically and check out what’s going on around her. For additional information, please contact your local vet clinic Crown Point IN.


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