Constipation in Cats

Did you know that cats can get constipated because of the foods or prey they eat? Feasting on too much cat food or even too many birds or mice can cause your cat to get a stomach ache and develop diarrhea or even constipation. In some instances, constipation can be the sign of another illness in the body. It can also indicate that your cat has eaten something that he couldn’t pass through his intestines. In this situation there may be a blockage. If your cat is straining to poop, has a bloody stool, or a hard stool, contact your vet. Your vet will need to run tests and perhaps take x-rays to see if there’s a blockage that’s preventing your cat from pooping. A common diagnosis is a poor diet which can be treated by adding fiber to the diet. Ask your Lafayette, LA vet for a list of fiber options and how much to give your cat. Visit this website Village Veterinary Center and set an appointment.


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