What is Hypoglycemia in Irish Setters?

Did you know that dogs like the Irish Setter can develop a health condition known as Hypoglycemia? If your dog has low or high blood sugar, keep an eye on him for any types of changes in behavior and in eating and drinking habits. For instance, hypoglycemia can occurs when your Irish Setter’s blood sugar level or glucose level is abnormally low. If you Irish Setter has a sudden decrease in energy, change in appetite, appears weak, restless, confused or even passes out then you should contact your vet. Hypoglycemia can be the result of an overdose of insulin in diabetic dogs or it can be a result of an underlying health problem. For instance, a dog’s brain needs a constant supply of glucose in order to function. Always keep an eye out for signs of illness in your pup. For more information, talk with your veterinary clinic Lafayette, LA.


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