Fireworks and Dogs

Fireworks are a popular event for the summer months. Whether it’s the 4th of July celebrations or just a family cookout, summer is the best time to light up the sky. However, it may not be the best time to be a dog. Loud noises like fireworks can scare dogs causing them to run in panic and find anywhere to hide. Anywhere can include somewhere in the house or somewhere outdoors. If you know there are going to be fireworks, make sure your dog is secured in your home and not outside. If he panics, he needs to hide in the house. Dogs that are outside during fireworks tend to run wild with fear and can escape the yard. So many dogs get lost when they run away from loud noises like fireworks. Help your dog stay safe. Keep him inside and stay with him so he doesn’t get scared. For more info, call vet Covington, GA.


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