Keeping Lizards Cool

The summer can be an especially hot time for lizards even if the lizard is used to living in tropical temperatures. It is possible for a lizard to overheat and become too warm in his enclosure. You can help avoid this from happening to your lizard by keeping him cool and comfortable. First, make sure your lizard’s enclosure isn’t near a window that attracts a lot of sunlight. The sun can make the lizard’s cage too warm too quickly. Second, keep a thermometer in your lizard’s cage to monitor the temperature. If it’s too warm, cut back on the heating lamps or even move the cage to a cooler part of the house. Most often, heating lamps aren’t needed during the hottest parts of the summer. Always be sure to give your lizard fresh, cool water to drink and soak in. Talk with your vet clinic Temecula CA for more tips.


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